Battleborn is a Interesting Fusion of FPS and MOBA

Battleborn is a Interesting Fusion of FPS and MOBA

Gearbox’s most recent game, Battleborn, is an on-line FPS with ARTS components that demands you to eradicate your foes and gain points whilst you play, all while attempting to eliminate bosses scattered all over the map. There are greater than twelve characters (link) to utilize and each one has its personal collection of powers, not to mention that online players will at all times start out with the same exact levels and they will rank up based on their proficiency.

BattlebornIn pure multiplayer online battle arena design, you obtain XP in addition to unique powers and skills as you play. When you have adequate skill points you can actually pick a specific collection of perks designed to allow you to guide your hero through the entire online game.

Battle is rewarding and there’s a massive selection of weapons to start with meaning that you won’t find it difficult fighting and eliminating opponents as you play. On top of that, there are actually characters that are fitted with attacking talents, where others are support centered and do a more effective job in that regard. Battleborn guide book. You might also get the chance to encounter computer directed foes as you play that make the game all the more immersive.

While Battleborn is a multiplayer centric video game, there is a story aspect and factions that will connect with the multiplayers and with 3 video game modes in multiplayer, there’s certainly a whole lot of content to pursue. Battleborn fairly recently had an open beta and it will be launched May 3 2016, it is advisable to try it out if you like multiplayer online battle arena or on-line first-person shooter video games.

Star Wars Battlefront Double XP Event This Weekend

Star Wars Battlefront Double XP Event This Weekend

If you’re feeling a bit down about the slow, slow grind to the max level in Star Wars Battlefront, or if you’re in need of more credits to unlock some new weapons – you’re in luck. DICE announced today that this weekend players will be able to rack up all kinds of experience thanks to a double XP event that is kicking off on Friday, February 12th, 2016.

Star Wars Battlefront Double XP Weekend

This event was put forth as an award for players amassing the completion of more than 4 million daily challenges. With 2XP active you’ll not only be able to level up faster, but you’ll also be able to rack up tons of credits. This is because experience actually translates to in-game current in Battlefront.

Generally speaking, about 10% of their total earned experience each game converts to credits. So, if you were to earn 1,500 XP in a match you’d usually come out with around 150 credits. With the double experience event in play you would walk away with 3,000 XP and 300 credits for that exact same match.

So, if you’re trying to burn through ranks to hit the level cap or you need some credits to gain access to a new weapon, some different star cards, or whatever else – this weekend presents a great opportunity to make it happen.

This event ends on Sunday, February 14th.

Take advantage of this time to make some serious progress.

As always, may the force be with you!

More Free Battlefront DLC Coming in January

More Free Battlefront DLC Coming in January

EA and DICE have already announced that a new update will be going live for Battlefront sometime in late January, but they haven’t provided any details for it. Mistakenly, the Brazil branch of EA leaked a video that revealed the contents of the update.

Star Wars Battlefront Free DLC January

The video was taken down immediately after release but many sources that claim to have seen the video say that it announces another collection of free content for Star Wars: Battlefront.

UPDATE: Developers working on the game have stated via Twitter that there will NOT be a new map released with the January update.

Star Wars Battlefront Free Map

Many are saying that the DLC will include:

  • Tatooine Map
  • Brand New Outfits for the Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Heroes
  • Private Custom Matches
  • Special Community Events
  • Daily Challenges

As of right now we don’t have any details regarding the size or appearance of the new maps, clothing items, or any information on how private matches, events, or challenges will work. We expect an official announcement to be made relatively soon, though.

It looks like EA and DICE are actually listening to player feedback, though. Private matches have been a topic of discussion for a while among the gaming community. And the new events and challenges do add a bit more content to the otherwise lackluster title.

Stay tuned for further updates on these new developments.

Source: [GameZone]

Star Wars Battlefront on PC is Riddled with Cheaters

Star Wars Battlefront on PC is Riddled with Cheaters

While gamers on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles may be having a fairly smooth experience on Star Wars: Battlefront, the mighty PC master-race isn’t having as much fun. According to various sources, the PC version of the game is heavily populated with aim-botting cheaters.

You won’t spot a ton of these fun-spoilers in the bigger game modes like Supremacy or Walker Assault, but gametypes such as Droid Run and Cargo are dominated by them. In many matches you’ll see the top players racking up a kill to death ratio that far exceeds that of the average player.

Here’s a fine example:

Star Wars Battlefront Aimbot

The screenshot above was provided by a PC player. It shows how a single player racked up 75 kills and only died a total of three times. The opposing player claims this person was using an aimbot to achieve these results.

The only available to players to deal with these cheaters is to simply report them via the in-game menu when they spot them in online matches. Sadly, many have claimed that these reports seem to be going completely unchecked by EA and DICE.

The issue with cheaters hasn’t improved since Battlefront initially launched. In fact, many will tell you it’s gotten worse. Hopefully as the problem continues to get more attention from gamers the reports and complaints will start racking up enough to force the developers to do something about it.

EA has been issuing bans to some groups of players in waves, but many gamers don’t think their solutions are coming fast enough. Aimbotters and the like had a heavy presence during and after the holidays, too – presumably to take advantage of new players.

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How to Level Up Fast in Star Wars Battlefront

How to Level Up Fast in Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront, much like the Battlefield series, is painfully slow when it comes to ranking up. To reach the highest level (50) you’ll need to rack up TONS of experience. Is it worth it? Well, you do gain access to the ridiculously awesome-looking Shadow Trooper at rank 50, so yes.

How to Rank Up Super Fast in Battlefront

The biggest issue people face is figuring out the fastest route to 50. Playing the game naturally will obviously get you there in due time, but if you want to max out your character as quickly as possible we’ve got a few tips that’ll help you earn more XP during your gaming sessions.

Star Wars Battlefront Level Up


Here’s a big one that many noobs and lone wolves tend to overlook – play the objective! Even the worst players in the game can rack up tons of points every single match by simply defending or capturing objectives.

By just standing in the objective area for extended periods of time you get points for doing practically nothing. Get a kill against an attacker in the objective and you’ll earn bonus points, too.

Star Wars Battlefront Play the Objective

This is really a very basic concept but so many people just want to run around the map aimlessly and try to get kills. The vast majority of the game modes in Battlefront center around objectives. Contribute to your team by helping to secure and defend them and you’ll more than likely end up with higher scores every match.

Higher scores and wins = more experience.

NOTE: If objective-based game modes aren’t up your alley, stick to playing modes like Blast.

Customize Your Loadout

Another basic tip, but still pretty important – customize your character loadout with weapons and Star Cards that compliment your personal play style.

Sure, there may be a lot of players that perform well with, say, the DH-17, but you may find that you can get kills more consistently using the E-11. Don’t build your classes on what’s most popular – develop them using what works for you.

Star Wars Battlefront Loadout

This requires a good bit of testing and can take a bit of time because, well, to unlock more weapons you’ll have to play more to earn more credits. The most popular weapons are a good place to start, but try out some of the less-used guns, too. You may find that you kick major ass with one of the most overlooked blasters in the game.

Star Cards are important to think about, too. If you like to attack objectives often you may find grenades to be highly useful for eliminating defenders. If you’re more of a support player you may want to try out using the Ion Torpedo to help destroy enemy vehicles or Homing Shot to pop off defenders at a distance that are firing at your teammates.

Why is all this important? You get more experience if you rack up tons of kills. You also gain a good bit of XP for taking down AT-STs, AT-ATs, Speeders, and various other vehicles. All of this will help you level up faster in Star Wars Battlefront.

Complete Challenges

If you really want to speed up your leveling progress in SWBF you’ll definitely want to try to complete a lot of the challenges. These aren’t that hard to do and they reward you not only with experience, but also bonus credits – so they are well worth doing.

A lot of the challenges are quite basic, too. Some involve just getting a set number of kills with a specific weapon type. Others require you to take down a handful of vehicles. You can see all of the challenges that are available to you, as well as your progress on them, by going into the Stats menu.

Star Wars Battlefront Challenges

From the Stats menu you can see what challenges are available to do, see your current progress on each one, and even choose to get a new challenge to replace the current ones. Swapping out challenges is really only useful if you don’t like playing a game mode it requires or you think it’ll take too long to complete.

Change It Up

Want more experience? Use more variety. This applies to your weapons, the game modes you play, vehicles you use, and so on. You’ll earn XP naturally by getting kills with each gun, but changing the weapon type you use (blaster, heavy blaster, etc) from time to time will net you bigger gains because, after a while, you’ll stop or significantly slow down earning experience from overusing one weapon type.

This same concept applies to game modes, vehicles, and more and is directly related to challenges. After you’ve completed several, you may want to consider playing a different game mode or trying out different guns to maximize your experience gains.

Star Wars Battlefront Sale at Gamestop – $20 Off!

Star Wars Battlefront Sale at Gamestop – $20 Off!

Haven’t picked up a copy of the new Star Wars Battlefront game just yet? Well, you’re in luck. The best price we’ve seen so far is now available at Gamestop. It’s a steal and the perfect price point to grab it for yourself or even for a friend, family member, or other loved one for the holidays.

Star Wars Battlefront Sale Gamestop

Normally priced at $59.99, Gamestop is now selling the standard edition of Battlefront for just $39.99. That’s a whole $20 price drop! This applies to all platforms – Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. This pricing is available both in-stores and online.

Online deals found here –

If you’re shopping on the Gamestop website you can also get FREE shipping by using the code “SAVER” at checkout. This means you can get the game at an excellent price and have it shipped straight to your door without having to pay anything extra.

If you are ordering online, just keep in mind that due to the madness of the holidays that your copy of the game may not arrive before Christmas. As a general rule, most retailers suggest placing orders by December 8th to 10th to ensure your package arrives in time for the holidays.

Since it’s officially past that deadline, it’s not guaranteed to arrive on time. This is even true sometimes if you pay extra for expedited shipping options.

Either way, this is the perfect time to run to Gamestop and pick up a copy of Star Wars: Battlefront from EA and DICE. The game may not be perfect, but it’ll definitely provide enough hours of entertainment to warrant a $40 investment!

Star Wars Battlefront System Requirements for PC Users

Star Wars Battlefront System Requirements for PC Users

Want to know if your rig is outfitted with the hardware necessary to run the absolutely stunning-looking new release from EA and DICE – Star Wars Battlefront? Well, if your PC is a bit older you may need to upgrade a few components to get the best experience possible.

Down below we’ve provided the official system requirements for SWBF 2015. This covers both the minimum specs as well as the recommended specifications for optimal gameplay with decent graphics settings. Use these as a guide to figuring out if your computer will run the game or not.

Star Wars Battlefront System Requirements

Star Wars Battlefront System Requirements

Minimum Specifications

The bare minimum system (something that will play the game with stability on lower graphic settings) will need to have the following:

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit versions only), Windows 8.1, or Windows 10

CPU: Intel i3 6300T or a processor or equal or greater power


HDD: 40GB (more required for future updates and/or DLC content)

GFX: nVidia GeForce GTX 660 with 2GB RAM, equivalent, or better card (Listed AMD recommendation is the AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB)

DirectX: Version 11.0 compatible GFX card

Internet Speed: 512 KBPS or  better


Recommended Specifications

Recommended specs are the more ideal hardware configurations that are capable of running the game smoothly at medium or higher graphics settings.

Here are the official spec recommendations for this kind of rig:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit version)

CPU: Intel i5 6600 or better


HDD: 40GB or more

GFX: nVidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB, AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB, similar or better GPU

DirectX: Version 11.0 compatible graphics card

Internet Speed: 512 KMPS or better

Star Wars Battlefront Heroes and Villains Guide

Star Wars Battlefront Heroes and Villains Guide

One of the coolest features of the new Star Wars Battlefront game is being able to play as some of the most iconic characters of the series. At certain points in matches of a few game modes players actually have the opportunity to play as one of six different special characters.

Battlefront Heroes and Villains

Star Wars Battlefront Heroes and Villains

Playable Heroes (the rebels) include:

  • Han Solo
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Princess Leia

Playable Villains (the Imperials) include:

  • Boba Fett
  • Darth Vader
  • Emperor Palpatine

These characters are available for player use in the Hero Hunt and Heroes vs Villains game modes. Each one has their own unique weapons and abilities. Availability of characters depends on which team the player is on. If playing on the Rebel side, you’ll get access to Heroes whereas if you’re playing on the Imperial side you’ll get access to Villains.

Below is an overview of each character.

Han Solo

Han is all about speed and offensive capabilities. He’s a great choice for players that just want to rack up some extra kills. One of his special moves, however, is great for supporting your team.

Star Wars Battlefront Han Solo

Weapon – DL-44 Blaster Pistol

With Han Solo players get access to the Lucky Shot, Rapid Fire, and Shoulder Charge abilities.

Lucky Shot – This is actually a buff to your blaster’s power. When active, you can charge up your blaster and fire off an extra powerful shot which is highly effective against enemy vehicles. It’s excellent for taking out airborne or ground-based vehicles and is great for providing support for your teammates.

Rapid Fire – In other FPS titles this is typically an adjustment to the overall firing rate of the weapon. In Battlefront, however, this ability gives the player the chance to fire their weapon as quickly as they can press the trigger for a short period of time. While active, the player can fire continuously without the weapon overheating. This allows the player to take out multiple enemies fast or even take on another hero or villain with boosted confidence.

Shoulder Charge – A strong melee attack which can be used to deal tons of damage to enemy troops. When used strategically, however, it can also be used to quickly escape an unwinnable situation. It’s an excellent ability for both offensive and defensive maneuvers.

Luke Skywalker

Luke is probably one of the coolest additions to the game. He’s quick, agile, and makes for a great character to play in practically any scenario. He has multiple abilities that work well for both close quarters combat and long range engagements. He is indeed a truly powerful hero on the battlefield.

Star Wars Battlefront Luke Skywalker

Weapon – Lightsaber

With Skywalker players will have access to the Force Throw, Heavy Attack, and Saber Rush abilities. These are detailed below.

Force Throw – In most other Star Wars games this move has been referred to as the “Force Push”. Using it allows the player to push opponents away using the force. While it doesn’t deal a ton of damage it’s quite useful for temporarily disabling your enemies for your teammates to take them down with blasters or for you to rush in and slice them to pieces with Luke’s lightsaber.

Heavy Attack – This is an extremely deadly melee attack. It involves performing a wide-sweeping swing with the lightsaber that can capture multiple opponents in the nearby proximity at once. It’s an excellent maneuver for eliminating 2-3 enemies simultaneously.

Saber Rush – This isn’t technically an offensive ability, but it’s still extremely useful. With Saber Rush you can actually propel your character across vast distances very quickly. This can be used to execute a fast, deadly attack on an opponent across the map or it can be used as a defense mechanism to quickly escape the battle and recover.

Princess Leia

Just as in the movies, Princess Leia is just as deadly and cunning as she is lovely. Leia has a unique set of abilities that make her incredibly useful as a supportive team player, but she does have an offensive one that packs serious punch, too.

Star Wars Battlefront Princess Leia

Weapon – E-11 Blaster Rifle

With Leia players will have access to the Enhanced Squad Shield, Passive, Supply Drop, and Trooper Bane abilities. A summary of each one is provided below.

Enhanced Squad Shield – Operates similarly to the standard squad shield, but with a few bonuses. First off, the shield can actually block Force-based attacks, not just blaster fire. Secondly, Leia can still perform attacks, including using the Trooper Bane, while inside the shield. It’s great for protecting your teammates and yourself.

Passive – This is a truly interesting ability. It actually buffs surrounding Rebel troops and bestows the power of the Alderaan Honor Guards upon them. It’s yet another very useful supportive capability that the Princess packs in her arsenal.

Supply Drop – Another awesome support ability. Upon activation, Leia actually calls in supply drops which contain various power-ups that allies can pick up and use. The power-ups vary from blaster rifle damage increases to health bonuses and beyond.

Trooper Bane – This is Princess Leia’s only real offensive ability in Star Wars Battlefront. While active, Leia’s E-11 blaster rifle becomes super powered. For a short time, all shots fired from the blaster will cause one-hit kills against enemy troops. It’s insanely strong and very handy for wiping Stormtroopers off the map.

Boba Fett

Yet another incredibly iconic character that is playable in Star Wars Battlefront 2015 is the most bad-ass bounty hunter of them all – Boba Fett. This guy is probably the most versatile of all of the heroes and villains. He has abilities that are great for both close quarters combat and long range attacks.

Star Wars Battlefront Boba Fett

Weapon – EE-3 Carbine Rifle

With Fett, players will gain access to the Flame Thrower, Rocket Launcher, and Thruster Pack abilities. These are detailed below.

Flame Thrower – As the name suggests, this ability lets players arm themselves with a powerful flamethrower that decimates opponents quickly at short range. It’s strong and highly effective, even against groups of enemies. The range may be a bit limited, but the flames will engulf enemies fast and help the player rack up several extra kills.

Rocket Launcher – Yet again, the name says it all. Once activated, Boba Fett gains the ability to fire rockets out of his wrist-mounted launcher. The rockets may appear small, but they pack some serious punch. Well-placed shots can wipe out enemy troops with ease, even in long distance engagements.

Thruster Pack – Finally, we come to Fett’s most standard piece of equipment – his handy jetpack. The pack allows the player to move across large spaces quickly and easily by flying through the air. The thruster pack offers quite a bit of fuel to use and it recharges when not in use. It’s quite useful for getting to or away from enemy soldiers in a hurry.

Darth Vader

Yes, the dark lord – no, not Voldemort – makes an appearance in Battlefront, too. Players are able to play as the all-powerful Darth Vader. The iconic leader of the Galactic Empire has a few awesome short to medium range attacks that players can use to tear through the Rebel forces with.

Star Wars Battlefront Darth Vader

Weapon – Lightsaber

With Vader, players will be able to use the Force Choke, Heavy Attack, and Saber Throw abilities. These are outlined in detail below.

Force Choke – Perhaps one of the Lord Vader’s most iconic moves from the movies is available for player use in the game. This move allows players to grab enemies by the throat using the Force to choke the life out of them. Not only that, but it can actually be used on multiple opponents simultaneously, making it a very powerful and deadly ability against small groups of enemies in short range encounters.

Heavy Attack – This is a melee-based attack that makes Vader perform a wide-reaching sweep with his lightsaber that can kill multiple enemies with a single slice. It’s powerful, but you’ve got to be up close and personal with your opponents to pull it off. When executed correctly, though, it’s insanely useful.

Saber Throw – Last, but certainly not least, Vader is also able to actually throw out his lightsaber to strike opponents. This attack is strong and the saber actually travels quite far, making it ideal for long-range attacks. A well-aimed throw can easily strike down an enemy with little effort.

Emperor Palpatine

The last character available within the heroes and villains for players to use in SWBF is none other than Emperor Palpatine, a powerful sith Lord who, despite his weak appearance, is both strong and agile. Don’t let his decrepit appearance fool you – this guy is out for blood.

Star Wars Battlefront Emperor Palpatine

Weapon – Force Lightning

Playing as the Emperor players will have the chance to use the Chain Lightning, Force Dash, and Imperial Resources abilities. These are all covered in full detail below.

Chain Lightning – This is an upgraded version of Paplatine’s standard lightning attack. When activated, his lightning will chain outward toward nearby enemies. It’s a great area-of-effect attack that works very well against small groups of enemies in the open battlefield. It is, however, limited in range so you’ll have to get somewhat close to your opponents for it to be effective.

Force Dash – This is a unique maneuver that allows the Emperor to move forward very quickly. In the animation Palpatine basically jumps forward and spins, thrusting himself forward. This move can be used to reach an out-of-reach enemy fast or, if you’re out-manned or close to death, away from danger.

Imperial Resources – Finally, we come to the Emperor’s support ability. Once activated, this move will actually provide various power-ups and health boosts for nearby teammates to use. It’s an excellent ability that will help keep your team afloat when the battle is close.

Star Wars Battlefront Star Cards Guide

Star Wars Battlefront Star Cards Guide

Star Cards are a new and interesting system for obtaining unique and powerful weapons and abilities in Star Wars Battlefront. Depending on which ones you select for your loadout (you can choose three) these will give your character access to an array of items from a Jump Pack to a strong weapon such as the Bowcaster.

Every player is able to design their own “hand” of Star Cards. Your loadout allows you to select up to three. Each one can be used at will, but do have either limited usage or a cooldown so you don’t get to use them constantly during matches.

Star Wars Battlefront Star Cards

Battlefront Star Cards

There are tons of different Star Cards that players can pick from to customize their class setup. Below, we’ve provided a full list of the cards along with a description of what each one is.

Battlefront Thermal Detonator

Thermal Detonator – A strong grenade that deals a good bit of damage. Simple and effective. This becomes unlocked at level 2 and costs 150.

Battlefront Explosive Shot

Explosive Shot – Buffs the firepower of your current weapon by allowing it to fire explosive bolts. This effectively increases your damage. The effect is temporary and has a decent cooldown time.

Battlefront Impact Grenade

Impact Grenade – As the name implies, this is a grenade that explodes immediately upon hitting any player or object. The blast radius isn’t quite as large as other grenades, but players with great aim will find it effective.

Battlefront Pulse Cannon

Pulse Cannon – Upon activation the player will sport a long-range blaster rifle that deals a ton of damage. This weapon is great for sniping enemies. The total damage output is determined by how long the player charges the gun before firing.

Battlefront Cooling Cell

Cooling Cell – This is a unique ability that allows players to fire their primary weapon for longer times without having to worry about it overheating. The effect is temporary but does stop your gun from overheating for a good bit.

Battlefront Cycler Rifle

Cycler Rifle – Another long-range rifle with great damage. It is able to kill enemies quickly at long distances and can even go through enemy energy shields.

Thermal Imploder – This is a unique explosive that operates similarly to the Thermal Detonator, but rather than just exploding like a traditional grenade it creates a vacuum with a large blast radius that deals loads of damages to nearby enemies.

Cluster Shot – This Star Card provides a buff to the player’s weapon – giving it the ability to deal a decent amount of explosive splash damage on targets.

Battlefront Flash Grenade

Flash Grenade – As the name implies, this card gives the player access to a grenade that is designed to blind and momentarily disorient opponents. The grenade creates a bright flash of light and a loud noise to partially disable enemies within the explosion proximity.

Battlefront Ion Grenade

Ion Grenade – Another grenade. This one, however, is primarily intended to be used against enemy vehicles, to take down energy shields, or to attack droids. It deals a ton of damage.

Battlefront Barrage

Barrage – Upon activation, the player will equip a MPL-57, a launcher that fires three grenades that explode within seconds of firing. It’s great for taking out enemy infantry but can also cause considerable damage against vehicles when timed correctly.

Battlefront Ion Torpedo

Ion Torpedo – A powerful weapon that is meant to take out enemy vehicles and stationary guns. It deals massive damage and can wipe out enemy artillery quickly.

Battlefront Homing Shot

Homing Shot – This Star Card allows the player to sport a launcher that fires homing rockets that lock on to enemy targets. It works well at long range, too.

Battlefront Scout Pistol

Scout Pistol – Gives the player a powerful short-range blaster pistol. It’s an excellent weapon for CQC (close quarters combat) and can take down opponents fast. At medium to long range, however, the damage drops off steeply and the gun isn’t very useful.

Battlefront Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenade – A grenade designed to provide cover for you and your teammates to escape a sticky situation or to distract enemies and flank them. The smoke limits visibility and also disrupts the targeting abilities of weapons that normally lock-on to players.

Battlefront Bowcaster

Bowcaster – The infamous weapon of the beloved Wookiee, Chewbacca. The weapon is able to fire multiple explosive bolts in a horizontal line. It deals loads of damage and is highly effective at taking out enemy infantry. It must be charged to fire bolts, though.

Battlefront Personal Shield

Personal Shield – Allows the player to drop an energy shield that deflects enemy fire. It only works against standard energy-based guns, though. Grenades and some weapon types, such as Cycler Rifles, are capable of penetrating the shield.

Battlefront Ion Shot

Ion Shot – Another primary weapon buff. Makes your weapon fire ion-charged bolts. These bolts are significantly more powerful and can deal great damage against energy shields, vehicles, and even droids.

Battlefront Jump Pack

Jump Pack – Once activated, the player will have access to a thrust pack that gives your character the ability to move across long distances quickly by boosting through the air. It works well for getting across large maps fast, but can also be used to dodge enemy fire and even execute some creative attacks.

Smart Rocket – Equips the player with a rocket launcher that can be fired at will at any enemy player or other target. If the launcher senses that an enemy vehicle is nearby, however, it can and will lock on to it. It’s pretty useful for taking out groups of enemy troops or taking down airborne foes.

Orbital Strike – This is a very powerful ability. When you use it you actually call in a cannon strike from ships based just outside the planet. The attack covers a good amount of ground and deals tons of damage to both players and vehicles.

Squad Shield – Operates somewhat like the Personal Shield but it allows the player to sport a portable shield that can protect both the player’s character and allies from energy-based weaponry from enemy troops.

Card Refresh – A nifty ability that, upon activation, will automatically reset the cooldown timer on all of your Star Cards, allowing you to instantly use them again. As one would expect, this card has a rather lengthy cooldown itself, though.

Battlefront Focus Fire

Focus Fire – This is a great card to have on if you’re already a great shot or if you can’t aim for crap and need some assistance. Once you turn it on your primary blaster will have increased accuracy. The effect is temporary, but it’s very useful.

R5D4 Droid – Gives the player the ability to summon a small droid onto the battlefield. The droid will move around the map, find enemies, and fire at them. It can get kills on its own, but its also great for backup fire.

Viper Probe Droid – Works the same as above.

Proximity Bomb – This is essentially a trip mine. It can be placed anywhere on the map and when an enemy crosses its detection radius, it explodes and deals lethal damage.

Infantry Turret – Spawns an autonomous turret that will spot enemies and fire at them on its own.

Vehicle Turret – Same as above, only this one specifically targets enemy vehicles rather than individual troops.

Blaster Cannon – Gives the player access to the Mark II, a blaster cannon that packs a lot of heat. It decimates opponents at close to mid range.

Battlefront Scan Pulse

Scan Pulse – This is a unique ability that puts out a 360 degree blast that reveals the locations of enemy troops in the nearby vicinity. It is capable of penetrating walls and other objects, showing enemies that may be in the next room or crouched behind cover.